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Starting a healthy lifestyle is a life long commitment.

If you want to be in a good state of health once grown old, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. When you have a healthy mind, body and soul; growing old can become an enjoyable phase.

Just imagine how it would feel like moving with grace with a healthy body and doing all the activities you love to do and eat all the foods you love to eat without worrying about your cholesterol and sugar levels and without a single thought about your immobile knees or weak back.

A healthy lifestyle leaves you fit, energetic and at reduced risk of diseases. It lowers your risk of being seriously ill at any stage of life. Your daily choices about nutrition and exercise leads you to a healthy lifestyle or an unhealthy one.

healthy mind in healthy body

Starting a healthy lifestyle can get very difficult because you have to make changes in your daily food and exercise habits that you have been following your whole life.

Here are all the tips you need to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle

  • Know Your Why

Before you get a head-start on your lifestyle journey, be sure to know your why. Be very specific and dig deep in your soul to find the answer of why you are starting a healthy lifestyle. You must have a very strong reason for starting a healthy lifestyle.

Because the journey to a healthy lifestyle is full of ups and downs. So until and unless you have a strong reason you will get demotivated and sidetracked.

Tip: Don’t do it for someone else. Do it for yourself. This will keep you going on.

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  • Cut Down Processed Foods

    processed or junk food

You need to cut down on your processed food intake. Anything that you learned to be as junk food in school is processed food. This type of food is made more from chemicals than actual food. As a result instead of proving to be nutritious, they are just for filling you up, keeping your stomach satisfied and piling on layers of fat.

Tip:Anything that is packaged and convenient is processed. Think of packaged juices, ready to eat dinners, cereals, etc.

  • Cut Down On Sugar

Sugar is essential for many body functions but excess of sugar is bad. It is best to get energy from natural sugars than the one artificially prepared.

Natural sugar is found in fruits and foods. Carbs convert into sugar to provide energy.

Avoid eating breads, pizzas, burgers, etc as they all have ample quantities of sugar added to prepare them.

  • Replace Soda

Replace soda and all carbonated beverages as much as you can. They give you an instant burst of energy, that is basically sugar, and then lowers your body’s metabolism.

Researches have proved them to be highly dangerous for our bones! So avoid as much as you can.

  • Drink A Lot Of Water

glass of water

Once you replace soda, you need an alternate. Drink water. A lot of water. It flushes toxins from your body and improves your metabolism resulting in fresh, glowing skin and a healthy metabolism.

75% of our body weight is water. This fact is enough to prove how much water you need to keep your brain and body healthy. Start by drinking 8 glasses a day. Set reminders or start an accountability group to remind you to drink water.



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  • Have A Good Breakfast

A good start to your day refreshes you and keeps you motivated and happy throughout the day. Break your night’s fast with a good nourishing meal. A good morning meal is the one that has proteins and fiber in it. It keeps you full throughout the day and avoids binge eating during your day.


  • Practice Portion Control

Eat in moderation. Practice portion control. Eat less than what you are currently eating (if you’re a big eater).

Your conscious knows well whether you are eating more than necessary or not.

It is helpful to eat slowly. When you eat slowly, chewing well, your mind can easily signal your body when it’s the time to stop.

  • Take Care Of Emotional Health

For a healthy lifestyle you not only need to focus on improving yourself physically but also mentally.

You need to be emotional healthy as well. Your emotional well being leads to a stress free and healthy mind.

Clear your mind by praying, meditating, journaling and practicing gratitude. Do anything that clears your mind. Believe me you will feel so light and happy as if a burden has been lifted off.

  • Incorporate A Workout Routine

Keeping your body active is an important part.  No matter how busy you are or how tough your life is, incorporate a workout routine in your life. Join a gym if you can and get trained by a personal trainer.

Even if you can’t join a gym, you can do many workouts by yourself at home even. You can jog, walk, run in a park or use a treadmill. Anything that gets you moving and that you enjoy doing.

Do something you love to do as a part of your exercise routine so you can continue it and enjoy the process.

For tips on starting an exercise routine you can read our post on Tips To Help You Start Exercising.

  • Try Different Workouts

If you are one of those people who easily get bored with the same workout routine then try different workouts. You can go for zumba, aerobics, yoga, etc.

Search on YouTube for a variety of options.

You can even assign days for different workouts like Monday is for zumba, Tuesday is for yoga and so on.

  • Get A Good Night’s Rest

good night's sleep

Sleep restores, repairs and refreshes our whole body and maintains all the complex systems of the body. It is very important to have a good night’s rest so that you are well rested and ready for the day ahead.

Avoid all electronics at-least before an hour of sleeping for a good quality of sleep. Try writing a diary or day’s events before you go to bed.

A good tip is to go to bed at the same time each day. It regulates your circadian rhythm which is the inner clock for your body’s functions.

  • Eat Natural

Eat raw and fresh food as much as possible. Replace your chocolates and munchies with nuts, veggies and fresh fruits. They are much better and healthier choices for snacks.

vegetables; natural food

  • Get Educated

Get educated about nutrition and your body. Everyone is different.Get to know about your body so you can make better food and exercise choices. It is important to get educated or you will fall into the trap of misleading information available on the internet.

  • Get Inspired

When you feel like you are losing motivation or getting sidetracked then get back on the ride by inspiring yourself. Inspire yourself by watching weight loss transformations and stories of people who did achieve their goal of a healthy body.

It’s my personal experience that such stories are drastic motivational boosters and fill you with a renewed energy.

  • Power Hour

Schedule an hour each day to focus on improving your mind, body and soul. Divide the hour among all three areas.

Like 20 minutes devoted for your mind, 20 minutes for soul and 15 minutes for working on your body.

hour glass for power hour

Do anything in this hour that improves these three areas of your life.

It is preferable to schedule your power hour in the morning so you can get a strong head start to your day. It gives such a happy feeling to know that you started your day by treating yourself! 🙂

  • 30 Day Trial

Do not quit your journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

You may not like it in the beginning but continue for at least 30 days. You will not only start liking the process but will see the results even. Your progress will keep you motivated enough to stay on a healthy lifestyle.

  • Progress Pictures

I found this tip on a YouTube channel.

If you take your pictures at 4 weeks interval and compare them you will see a great difference. You will see your progress clearly and can track your journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

Or you can even make a photo album and keep it as a memoir!

  • Reward Yourself

Don’t forget to reward yourself. Don’t wait till the end to gift yourself. Set smaller goals along the way and once you achieve them, reward yourself. Enjoy each step of the process.

It’s not necessary to reward yourself with something very expensive. You can reward by doing something you love to do! Your reward could be anything, not necessarily a purchase.

  • No Stupid Diets

Please, please, please do NOT go for fad diets.

This point is related to the getting educated point above but it is worth repeating. So I am repeating it again.

Diets are nothing to be go on and off of. It is something that you consume daily. Your daily intake is your diet.

The numerable fad diets are stupidities. They often make you feel unsatisfied and craving for more and get you started on a yo-yo journey of weight loss and weight gain.

Start a diet i.e. a combination of all the components, minerals and vitamins, that you can consume daily on a regular basis. Be careful that your diet is enough for improving and maintaining your body’s needs.

We all are different and require different amounts of calories each day to keep us healthy. So focus on your body’s needs.

I repeat. Do NOT go for diets specially the ones that are so strict that you just wait for them to get over in a week and then go back to your unhealthy ways.

  • Don’t Rely On Workout Only

    have fun along the way

Watch what you consume. It is not wise to eat all the crap without a thought and believing that you can shed the unhealthiness (the unnecessary fats, sugars, etc) by working out.

You need to be vigilant of what you are putting into your mouth.


You are what you eat.


It’s 70% of diet and only 30% of exercise that contribute to your health.

  • Have Fun

Don’t think of starting a healthy lifestyle as something that is restricting. Have fun and enjoy the journey. Experiment with different things to make it enjoyable for yourself!

  • NOW Is The Time

Remember there is no better time to start than now. Don’t wait for the right time or the new year or the time when you are perfectly prepared. The only right time is NOW. Start now.


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These tips will surely help you in starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Remember to enjoy the process and stay consistent.


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