• 10 fun facts about me

    About Me – 10 Weird/ Fun Facts

    Hullo everyone. Since I just recently did an “about me” on my Instagram (@home_n_work_life), I thought of doing another about me with a twist on the blog here. To see a real simple (and normal) about me, please visit the blog and check the highlight titled “About Me”. And for some weird/ fun facts about me, read on.. Oh yes, don’t forget to share some fun/ weird facts about you! So here we go… I get feelings of people’s moods and their thoughts and all. I can smell a piece of cloth and tel who it belongs to. ()No, I don’t smell sweaty clothes!) I am veryyyy big on birthday…

  • Tips to make Taraweeh easier

    Tips To Make Taraweeh Easier

    Taraweeh prayers are specific to Ramadan. They are offered after I’sha and before witr prayers. Taraweeh is started after moon is sighted for Ramadan and is offered each day until moon is sighted for Eid ul Fitr. Qayam ul lail/ Taraweeh is often referred to as the “night prayer”. Muslims around the world often face times when Taraweeh feels like a chore due to longer duration and time. Since, the routine also changes in Ramadan, lack of sleep and other factors may make Taraweeh difficult. Here are some tips that will make Taraweeh easier and enjoyable for you. Know Its Importance Once the importance of a thing is fully revealed…

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    Ramadan Guide For Your Best Ramadan Ever

    The most blessed month of Ramadan for Muslims is just days away. Each one of us wants to spend Ramadan in as much a productive way as possible. We want to be great with Ibadah as well as in our daily lives. But how can one get ready to have the best Ramadan ever? Read on to know… Get Excited For Ramadan Get excited for Ramadan. Involve your family. Make it a family ritual to wait eagerly for Ramadan and get ready for it. Wait for it like some special guest. Cultivate enthusiasm to welcome this month. Do countdowns to build excitement. Remember to recite the dua: اللّھم بارک لنا…

  • 1 trick that will accomplish your goals

    One Trick That You Need To Accomplish Your Goals

    Who doesn’t love fresh beginnings? Whether it’s a new day, a new session at school/ college/ university, a new designation, a new job, a new course or whatever… beginnings refreshes you (kind of). One feels more productive and enthusiastic at the beginning. Beginnings have the power of making it all look so nice and easy. Accomplish new year's resolutions or goals with this one trick.

  • plan for grocery shopping
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    How To Plan For Grocery Shopping

    Shopping for groceries is an integral part of running and managing a household. Some people love to shop and would be happy to spend hours in the mall. Others would prefer a quick dash and get the task of grocery shopping off of their shoulders. No matter which category you belong to; it’s always a better idea to plan for your grocery shopping. Why? BENEFITS OF PLANNING FOR GROCERIES: Saves you money Avoid multiple trips to store in case you forget something Avoid multiple purchases of single item Make it easier for you to spend your hard earned money wisely HOW I PLAN FOR GROCERIES? Grocery shopping could take a…

  • breakfast table
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    Breakfast That Will Keep You Active The Entire Day

    We all have heard the importance of breakfast for our mind, body and soul. We all know that it must be nutritionist enough to give your body the energy that it needs to work throughout the day. After experiencing with different breakfasts i.e. the foods that must be eaten blah blah; I have found the 3 foods that keeps one energetic and full throughout the morning till noon at the least. And the three breakfast items to have in your breakfast are: Boiled Eggs Do have an egg boiled as your breakfast item. You can have two as well. Boil it hard or half-done, as you like. Milk A glass…

  • Musings

    Resolutions, Habits Or Goals?

    At this time of the year most of the people start planning for a new beginning as the new year rolls around. But many people find  themselves confused, whether it is right to plan for resolutions, goals or habits. It’s a new phenomenon. New schools of thought have emerged in which some are for or against one particular word. But for a common person like me, these descriptions proved to be quite confusing. And my sidetracked nature will lose myself in going for the perfect thing and to know the right thing I must know whether the resolution is good or habit or is it goals? I searched the definitions…

  • Chocolate BAnana Smoothie Recipe
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    Banana Chocolate Smoothie

    A nutritious breakfast keeps you fill for a long time giving you ample energy to move through your day. For busy moms and ladies, a quick breakfast that is healthy and nutritious is the best thing. It saves time while giving satisfaction of a hearty breakfast. Smoothies break the monotonous eating patterns that are usually followed. Look forward to something exciting and new for your breakfast. Without further ado, here you go. Recipe for chocolate banana smoothie Ingredients: 2 bananas 1 tsp of cocoa powder pinch of cinnamon powder a glass of milk Method: Blend everything together and enjoy the instant healthy smoothie! You can add as many things as…

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    Dailies To Daisies

    Daily ChecklistHousehold chores are a never-ending cycle. They are very confusing. You just washed mountains of clothes one day and as the day ends there are again some more and if you don’t tackle them you have another mountain and no clean clothes. But the way out is not dreading them. Instead do them in a systematic manner and enjoy doing them. In this way the chores will get done and you’ll have fun. There are some tasks that you can put on wait for some time (laundry, dishes) and some that need to be done once in a blue moon. But what about the chores that you have to…