A post from my previous blog or you can say a page from my diary emphasizing the importance of going offline for a while.

With the end of year so near I was in a hushed up and totally rushed state of mind. I had my final project’s presentation on 30-12-2013, and I had tons of other things to accomplish. I had to reply to certain people, had a long list of emails that needed to be checked, a post or two to be posted on the blog, some other projects that I had to do and the tutorials that I had bookmarked to watch. A long and crammed up to-do list was waiting for me. I was really thinking about how on earth am I ever going to accomplish all tasks and what the consequences will be of not completing them? Apart from a bad grade for not completing the presentation, nothing had life-death consequences.

I carefully planned the whole three days and was satisfied that I’m gonna ace it (the to-do list). But there was something else in store for me and that proved to be really helpful. in deciding my major new year goal. I felt blessed. 🙂 My internet volume reached its limit and it was off. OFF FOR TWO ENTIRE DAYS… YES FOR 48 HOURS. And it felt like everything has come to a halt. My posts.. Needed internet. Tutorials.. Needed internet. The lectures and presentation.. needed internet. Everything I do felt like impossible to accomplish without the teeny tiny invention of web. But since I was aiming to control my action and to ACT instead of REACT for any given situation, I took it as a playful challenge and it turned out as a blessing.

How I Survived Without Internet

  • Closed my to-do app.I knew that the most important thing that can not wait is my presentation. All the other things can wait. Yes, I needed to watch the tutorials, but they can wait. I needed to work on the many projects I had going, but they can wait. So I decided to let them wait. Keeping in mind the presentation as my only to-do task, I deleted all my to-do lists and various other reminders that had been timed to remind me of xyz tasks throughout the day and totally focused on the presentation.(By the way, I had an added bonus of starting afresh and clean on new year. ;))
  • Be back to offline version of yourself. I completed the presentation without using anything from the web. No pictures, no quotes, nothing flashy or too professional (as I would have found on the internet.) In fact I let myself get lazy and didn’t even practice for the presentation. I decided to experience speaking then and there, on spot! (A BIG risk for many…!).
  • Socialise with offline relations. Okay so without access to internet I was unable to keep myself updated with the online world of statuses, emails, IMs and tweets.  I messaged my friends and family and after a long time had a really good chat with most of the people I was unable to get in touch with.
  • Thinking time. Reflecting time. With practically nothing to do, I had a great time in just reflecting on the previous fast paced year of my life. I found time to re-arrange my books, read some magazines that had been waiting for the time, thought and planned for my goals and spend a lot of time getting motivated and excited about starting the new year afresh with lots to accomplish.

And the two days passed in a jiffy. Yes, I do missed the online world but I managed to quit the virtual visualization  (for most part of the time). Reset my phone and my life with a goal for new year to reduce my online availability & increase my offline presence.

One thought to “Two Blessed Offline Days”

  • Yolanda

    Great post. It is so easy to live virtually and lose sight of reality. We are meant to interact in real time and gave to face not mere.y through a device.


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