Tips To Make Taraweeh Easier

Tips to make Taraweeh easier

Taraweeh prayers are specific to Ramadan. They are offered after I’sha and before witr prayers.

Taraweeh is started after moon is sighted for Ramadan and is offered each day until moon is sighted for Eid ul Fitr.

Qayam ul lail/ Taraweeh is often referred to as the “night prayer”.

Muslims around the world often face times when Taraweeh feels like a chore due to longer duration and time. Since, the routine also changes in Ramadan, lack of sleep and other factors may make Taraweeh difficult.

Here are some tips that will make Taraweeh easier and enjoyable for you.

Know Its Importance

Once the importance of a thing is fully revealed and realized, we make every effort not to miss it. Such is the case with Taraweeh. Learn the importance and value of Taraweeh and you’ll find yourself eager to offer it.

Once A Year Opportunity

Taraweeh is only offered in Ramadan and has lots of ajar. It’s only here for a month. Make sure you know the importance and offer it wholeheartedly. Its only for a month and brings lots of ajar. Focus on blessings!

Have Light Iftaar

As much as we fill our stomachs to the brim, the more difficult offering Taraweeh would be. You’ll be unable to do proper rukoo’ and sujood and will feel heavy afterwards. Make sure to have a light iftaar. Avoid eating and drinking too much. This will avoid the post iftaar slump’ and you’ll be more energetic and active for Taraweeh.

Dress Appropriately

Dressing in your pajamas and thinking of sleep (or lack thereof) will not help you. Dress in comfortable but nice clothes. Prep your mind and body for Taraweeh. Make wu’du properly. Breathe and relax!


Know what is being recited in Taraweeh. Folow the recitation. Make an effort to read the translation of the part to be recited before hand so you can focus and know what is being recited rather than counting the seconds and minutes of Taraweeh!

Pick out the Arabic words you know and try to understand the context they are being said in. Learn new words. This will help improve your Arabic as well.

Prep Your Mind

Prep your mind for it. Learn how to tackle your nafs. Aim for the khushu and khuzu in your Taraweeh.

May Allah makes it easier for us to spend the blessed nights of Ramadan in Qayam and earn multitude of rewards. May our prayers become the source of shifa’at for us. Aameen.

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