Tips to help you start exercising

Engaging in physical activity to sustain or improve health and fitness is termed as exercise.

We ladies tend to gain weight as much as we get busy and our schedules fill up. The more commitments we have, the more larger the arc on weighing scale grows.

Besides many other reasons, number one reason for this incredible weight gain is that we tend to stop caring for ourselves. We tend to neglect ourselves and are usually listed at the end of our priority list.

And if we ever get to the point of time carved for self care, we either are too exhausted to focus on something that requires energy or would like to procrastinate and indulge n watching YouTube videos and browsing social media and internet.

It is of utmost importance to really schedule some time for yourself so you can avoid all modern age diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, etc to name a few.

Schedule and keep that time slot free. Plan it like a very important appointment that you can not let go of.

When I started exercising my number one trouble area was actually getting started. I would plan the time but will not get started. What helped me in getting started is preparing my mind. When you talk your brain into going it, half the battle is won.

Tips For Getting A Kick Start On Exercise Routine

Kick start your exercise routine

  • Gym Is Not A Requirement

Most of us just drop the plan of exercising because we can not go to the gym. It’s either not possible to carve out time to commute to and from the gym or it is just out of the budget. For those just remember it is not necessary to join a gym to start exercising. You can create an accountability group of your colleagues/ friends and motivate each other each day to workout.

Some of you might think that if they have to pay a membership fee at a gym then they will just do it. If you think it’s your motivating factor to start then do so by all means.

But just remember that if you can not go to the gym then even you can start exercising. You can even exercise in the privacy of your own room and that too without any equipment. So no excuses. Get exercising.

  • Trade Something You Love Doing To Be Done After Workout

To make exercising a must you need to be a bit hard on yourself. You must practice some self control. Plan to do something that you love to do daily only after you are done with your day’s exercise routine.

For example if you love watching YouTube videos or cooking shows or stalking people on social media (wink, wink 😉 ), then restrict yourself to do so only and only after you have completed your day’s exercise regimen.

  • Watch TV or YouTube Videos

“I must have been running for five minutes.”

“Ugh! It hurts.”

“I just can’t do it.”

“I am bored!!!”

These are the sentences that we often say to ourselves during our exercise. Jogging/ walking in park often seems like you are just going around in circles. You often get bored. I would often find myself slugging in the park and literally counting the seconds to pass.


It’s an excellent idea to watch (or listen to) YouTube videos or TV shows or some podcasts or lectures during your workout. In fact you can even watch and follow a workout routine that you love on YouTube. It will feel as someone is accompanying you through your workout.

If you prefer listening to something that can even keep your focus on the topic and you won’t have to count the minutes or seconds.

I usually keep my phone in my abaya pocket and listen to some lectures or videos on YouTube.

  • Inspire Yourself

Inspire yourself to workout by all the things you plan to buy after you achieve some specific goal.

Let’s say your goal is to exercise for 15 days straight. To inspire yourself on each day you can plan and think of something that you will buy for yourself only after you have achieved this goal.

Your inspiration can be purchasing a yoga mat, some exercise equipment or a sports bra. Anything that will inspire you each time and is not very expensive to burn a hole in your pocket.

  • Monthly Treats

slice of chocolate fudge cake

Set monthly treats for yourself on progressing towards your goal. You can treat yourself in anyway you like.

Just make sure that your treats do not get heavy on your pocket and do not include eating a whole chocolate fudge cake by yourself!

A slice is acceptable as a monthly treat.

  • Start Small

Start small even if it is for 5 minutes. Just do it. Do something. Even if it is only high knees for 3 minutes at one place.

After I resumed my exercise routine it was tough for me to keep going on for 10 minutes even. I would sit, take breaks in between but kept going.

It is not required to go straight 30 minutes running on your first day. Start small and then build your way up.

Remember something is better than nothing and until and unless you start you can not reach the full blown time you would like to workout for.

Build resistance. Train your body and take breaks in between if you want.

  • Concentrate On The Feeling You Have After Working Out

It is hard to start exercising each day. You are not going to be highly motivated each day. Circumstances make it harder. You will face difficulties.

At such times when you feel too tired to exercise just focus on the blissful and accomplished feeling you have after each routine. Just set your alarm for 5 minutes and start doing it. You will most probably find yourself in the rhythm and continue with your workout routine.

  • Stay Consistent

Starting, stopping, restarting, stopping and quitting will never ever be beneficial. In order to really get the results and staying fit with stronger muscles you need to stay consistent.

Life does get in the way but you have to find a way for yourself to stay consistent. Do your exercise routine even if it’s at 12 o’clock at night for 5 minutes eve.

Quitters never win and winners never quit.

Hope these tips help you to get started on your exercising journey.

Do you have some other tips to motivate yourself to workout? Feel free to share in the comments below.


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