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The most blessed month of Ramadan for Muslims is just days away.

Each one of us wants to spend Ramadan in as much a productive way as possible. We want to be great with Ibadah as well as in our daily lives.

But how can one get ready to have the best Ramadan ever?

Read on to know…

Get Excited For Ramadan

Get excited for Ramadan. Involve your family. Make it a family ritual to wait eagerly for Ramadan and get ready for it. Wait for it like some special guest. Cultivate enthusiasm to welcome this month. Do countdowns to build excitement.

Remember to recite the dua:

اللّھم بارک لنا فی رجب و شعبان و بلغنا رمضان ‎

And build the true essence of Ramadan in and around your home.

Know About Ramadan

You might think that you know enough about Ramadan and don’t need to learn anything knew. Still, try to learn from authentic sources about Ramadan. The nitty gritty details and ‘masail’ involved. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn.

You can make it a family thing and learn together about how Prophet Muhammadۖ , Sahabh R.A. and ‘islaaf’ used to prepare for Ramadan and dhow they would spend their Ramadan to maximize their rewards in this blessed month. Make sincere dua and intention to spend Ramadan in as much a similar way as you can.

Plan For Ramadan

Once you know the importance of this month and are eagerly waiting for the month of Ramadan; you’d surely like to welcome & spend this month in such a way that you reap maximum benefits out of the month and earn as much rewards as possible.

This requires a little bit of planning on your part.

Plan out what you’d like to do, the habits you’d like to build, things you’d like to do less of or ditch completely.

Create a schedule for yourself keeping in mind what goals you’d like to achieve and how you will achieve them.

Plan your tasks around worship times.

Start taking small actions and build up as you go along.

While planning, you also need to take into account your daily chores and how & when you plan on doing them. Like you might want to shift your cooking to early morning or at night. Or your daily house cleaning to some other hours than normal routine days to avoid energy drain during your fast.

For more help on how to create a schedule for Ramadan; check out the posts on my Instagram profile (@home_n_work_life) titled, ‘Creating a schedule for Ramadan’ & the following post on Ramadan Schedules.

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The blessed month of Ramadan is awaited by us all across ylthe globe . The blessings, the environment, the prayers, the samosas and pakoras are the soughat of Ramadan . Yesterday I shared my 5 Ramadan planning pointers in my stories. ( you can still catch them for a few hours) . Here's a summary of those Ramadan Planning Pointers . 1. Intentions . Purify your intentions. Resolve to avoid every sin; big or small. At times, small sins build up. These small leaks never let your bucket of good deeds fill up. Pledge to stay away from sins of eyes, nose, ears, touch and taste. . Avoid gossiping, watching movies, backbiting, not working because it's your roza, etc. . 2. Clear up with people . Clear your debts. Mend broken relationships. Clear up misunderstandings that have caused strained relations. Don't wait for the other party to initiate. A message, a call, a gift, anything can be used to start anew. It doesn't need to be expensive. Simple things, simple gestures means a lot . 3. Lend a helping hand . Help those around you in any and every way possible. And yes, you don't "need" to be a woman to help around the house. Also,try to find ways to help by yourself. Don't wait to be asked for lending a helping hand. Help your co workers and family members and ease their burden . 4. Establish routines . Schedule time for Ibadah,your daily chores, work and family commitments so you get maximum results for your efforts. Don't let Ramadan just pass by in the kitchen or lazing around . 5. Cleanse your soul . We know where we lack. Pledge to improve your eemaan this Ramadan. From establishing the habit of 5 daily prayers to praying nawafils, from cleansing heart to avoid backbiting, start from now on. Plan and pray for it and InshaAllah you'll begin to see the results. . These are some of the planning pointers I use. How do you plan for Ramadan? Let me know in the comments below . P.S. A whole #hnwRamadanSeries is coming your way. Make sure you're subscribed to receive the updates straight in your inbox. Check link in bio . . . . #ramadan #ramadanready #getreadyforramadan #planningforramadan #ramadan2020 #muslimahblogger #ramadanplanning #ramadanseries #hnwramadanseries

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Ramadan is a month of blessings. And each one of us wants to maximize the efforts to get majority of the blessings . For that one needs to plan and create a schedule that helps keep sanity intact and let us get the most of the blessed month . I discussed some tips in stories yesterday on creating a schedule for Ramadan Here's an overview of you missed that . 1. Create a checklist Let down all the things you want to do this Ramadan. Your goals, your chores, you're commitments, everything. And also the time you're going to spend on each thing each day so you get the bigger picture clear. 2. ‎Get ahead of the game Start taking actions now to get in the habit. Prep and prep as much as you can. Get the tasks done before Ramadan to save time in Ramadan like pre preparing meals, iftaar items, quick meals, getting Eid preps done, etc. 3. ‎Block time for action Schedule time out for your checklist items to actually get them done. Think of a typical Ramadan Day in your household. Also take into consideration your chores & responsibilities. Then block time or for each and every thing and actually get the tasks done Don't be too rough on yourself. .Allow room for changes. • Do not overload your schedule • ‎Be patient • ‎Be positive • ‎Have sincere intentions • ‎Ask Allah for help . May you have a blessed Ramadan . Happy Ramadan planning . . . . #ramadanready #ramadanvibes #ramadan2020 #ramadanprep #ramadan #muslimahblogger #karachibloggers #getreadyforramadan #welcomeramadan #ramadanmubarak

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Prepare, Prepare, Prepare & Prepare Some More

You need to prepare yourself and your surroundings for maximum efficiency.

I divide this into 4 parts:

  • Prepare Your Surroundings
  • Prepare Physically
  • Prepare Emotionally
  • Prepare Spiritually

Prepare Your Surroundings

Preparing your surroundings involve your territory, your home.

This can further be divided into preparing kitchen and preparing other areas of your home as kitchen involves a lot of prep on it’s own in terms of food, etc.

  • Start by lightening the load in your home i.e. de-cluttering.
  • Get rid of doubles and triples of same things.
  • Get rid of unusable items.
  • Get rid of junk that you don’t even realize is junk.
  • Get rid of ‘tooti phooti’ cheezain you have accumulated for some project that you’re thinking of doing for so long.
  • Get rid of clothes you would like to fit in someday.
  • Get rid of magazines you would read someday.
  • Get rid of extras of everything that you and your family doesn’t use.
  • Get rid of things that you don’t love.
  • Be ruthless.
  • Donate as much as you can and trash other things.

We accumulate so much over the span of just a few days that we often amaze ourselves.

Remember, “The lessen your load is, the lessen you’re accountable”

Now, move to deep cleaning.

Once you have de-cluttered and have a lot more space you can organize better and utilize your space in an efficient manner.

Deep clean each and every area of your home.

Don’t try to get each and every room in one day.

Break it up and assign days for each room/ area and do that on the specified date.

Need assistance in how to clean each room or where to start? Check out the downloadable file in the freebies section or click the link to download, ‘Deep Cleaning Step by Step; Room by Room’. 

Edit: The ebook is quite big & unable to upload. If you want your copy make sure you're subscribed so you get your copy in your inbox! 

It has checklists for each room so you don’t miss any area as well as step by step actions so you know where to start and move on.

You can subscribe to receive your copy of the e book.

Prepare Your Kitchen

Declutter & deep clean your kitchen as well.

  • Take stock of what you have in your kitchen and what you’d be needing.
  • Donate the extra plates that you have saved from a dinner set that has just these as leftover.
  • Take stock of food items you have and how you can utilize them.
  • Make menu for Ramadan and then grocery list. For some help on menu planning and making grocery lists, check out, How To Plan For Grocery Shopping & Meal Planning Guide
  • Shop for items that are actually needed.
  • Prepare in advance some stuff that’ll help you save time in kitchen during Ramadan like make ahead and freeze some quick meals, kebabs, ginger garlic paste, rolls, samosas, etc.

A post on kitchen prep exclusively is coming along, so stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss it.

Prepare Physically

Ramadan means more activity and lesser sleep than normal days.

It requires physical strength to endure fast with a positive mind and mood and not feel grumpy due to lack of food.

  • Start taking care of yourself physically before Ramadan begins and continue to do so during Ramadan.
  • Exercise
  • Have an effective Suhoor to help you go through your day.
  • Start stepping down your sleep hours.
  • Take naps during the day.
  • Be physically stronger.
  • Avoid fatty and oily foods especially at iftar.

Prepare Emotionally

Many people feel their tempers rising when they are fasting.

Learn to be more patient

Remember you’re fasting for Allah and Allah will reward you for it.

Don’t act like an angry bird or be grumpy through out Ramadan because you’re fasting.

Emphasize on the lessons of fasting and reasons of fasting for better emotional management.

Practice self-control which is the essence of this month.

Connect with Allah; it helps tremendously!

Prepare Spiritually

You need to prepare spiritually as well

During the initial days of Ramadan we are usually much pumped up but our spirits decline throughout the month.

Don’t let that happen this Ramadan.

Inculcate the habit of 5 regular prayers, reciting Qura’an during the day so you don’t feel exhausted once Ramadan starts and you find yourself wanting to do everything.

Start taking action on your Ramadan Checklist and build up on it throughout the month so you stay consistent and reap the maximum benefits.

Treat This Ramadan As Your Last Ramadan

Once you have planned and prepared for the best Ramadan ever, let’s take action to actually make it the best Ramadan ever.

Think what you’ll do and what you will NOT do if this be the last Ramadan of your life. Treat it as the last Ramadan of your life.

  • Maximize good deeds to earn rewards, even if they’re really small.
  • Give sadqah; physical & otherwise.
  • Ditch bad habits
  • Remove distractions.
  • Manage your time and energy well so you don’t get overwhelmed or burned out.

Start taking action now. Start small and then build up as you get used to it and maintain consistency. Remember, “small acts done consistently build up for big rewards”.

Let this Ramadan be a source of lasting positive change in our lives.

Happy Ramadan!!!

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