One Trick That You Need To Accomplish Your Goals

1 trick that will accomplish your goals

The New Year is here…. Happy 2019!!!

Who doesn’t love fresh beginnings? Whether it’s a new day, a new session at school/ college/ university, a new designation, a new job, a new course or whatever… beginnings refreshes you (kind of). One feels more productive and enthusiastic at the beginning. Beginnings have the power of making it all look so nice and easy.

1 trick that will accomplish your goals

When you have to begin a day, you plan for it to make the most of it. An ideal day is the one where you get it all done and still have plenty of time for relaxing, recreational activities and just enjoying the life. But usually the day ends up as the one where a moment of silence is one where you just fall upon your bed at 2 am. Period.

Similarly a new year starts with a lot of goals and resolutions. And 60% are forgotten within 2 months. Later next year you are again setting the same old resolutions and goals, deep down knowing that you won’t be accomplishing a bit of it. But nonetheless. And this continues for years and years until you stop making resolutions and just put a halt to it. You think you can never improve.

Each year, every year I would set different goals and set multiple resolutions for myself, depending on the stage of my life. Some would be accomplished, others forgotten; reset, forgotten and the cycle continued each year .What I noticed was that different age demanded different accomplishments and different goals. As the numbers on my age scale increases my ambitions or dreams increases but the ratio to success dropped largely. That ratio then came to a halt and life seemed stale. I was not moving forward.

Resolutions were set but were not met. I would get so busy in the day-to-day activities that “me time”  or my personal accomplishments get burned in the back burner. During some set-backs and mundane life issues, I would once again resolve to get up and move forward but would again take a back seat after a maximum of a week or two.

My hobbies were forgotten. I lived in a state of self-pity. Stress and depression gradually became my friends and then luckily and thankfully it all stopped. I found a way. One little trick or you can say a couple of steps that form that trick helped me accomplished a lot. My hobbies relived. I started doing what I enjoy doing for myself. Gradually Insha’Allah I would be doing all that I did before to enjoy myself.

So if you have set up resolutions for the New Year and are now fed up; give this trick a try to watch yourself transform positively in 2017 Insha’Allah.

I have broken the steps to the trick so you can do each step (at least initial ones) now while reading this article.

Tip:  Keep a pen/ pencil and notepad within easy access.

P.S: Downloadable infographic includeed.

List What You Want For Yourself

List down all that you want to achieve for yourself. Not for your husband, children, in laws, for no one but only for yourself. It’s not selfish to think and care for yourself. It could be losing weight, finding a job, looking pretty, getting healthy, earning money, better time management, organizing yourself and your home, praying with more khushoo and khuzu, praying all five prayers, learning deen, anything, joining a class to learn a skill, being a better parent, etc. The list is endless. List all that you want to accomplish in 2017 to transform your life.

It might look like:

An example of resolutions/ goals for new year

Categorize your list

Now make 4 categories: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Categorize your list into these 4 main categories. They cover your whole being, your whole life. Now you have a much more organized form of the list.

Pick one from each category.

Now select the top one from each category and set these as your resolutions to start your transformational journey in 2019.

There may be many areas that you might want to improve at once or they seem so small that you think you can do 3- 5 together and reach the goal within a month but please listen to me. Start small. Even if you think it’s too small.

You have your list and can come back and add a new goal for the year in the middle of the year if you accomplish your top one from any category. It’s always better to start small and complete what you have on hand to start big and leave all in the middle and then settle into the old pattern.

List practical steps to accomplishment.

Now make a list of practical steps that you can do to accomplish what for each goal from the categories.

Now list the small, even not-so-effective steps that you can incorporate into your daily life to help you accomplish this goal before moving on to the bigger, major steps to accomplishment.

Take the selection of losing weight as a goal from your physical resolutions category as an example.

Small steps include drinking more water, avoiding soft drinks and other beverages, reducing caffeine and sugar intake, etc.

Major steps are going finding a trainer, planning and starting your workouts, increasing the intensity of workouts, major changes to lifestyle, etc.

Decorate with beautiful reminders

Create beautiful reminders and surround yourself with these. Create a sheet and keep it on your desk/ bedside table.

Set reminders on your phone at suitable time intervals throughout the day to remind you.

Use colored post it notes and post these as reminders on your bathroom mirror, dressing area, your kitchen or wherever you’ll be reminded and would be able to instantly do something other than ignoring the reminder.

Note: Check the resources section for “Goal Sheet”. Download, print and write your goals in it. Paste it in a prominent place to remind you each day of your goals.

Stay Accountable.

Stay accountable to your deeds and be honest with your accountability to actually make progress on your transformational journey. Join a group, stay in touch with a mentor, and create a game out of it with friends having same goal / resolution.

Once you achieve a goal, check off that resolution and pick the other one from the category. You will feel accomplished, have created a lifestyle change and have opened other arenas of improvement and personal development for yourself. Moreover you will feel inner satisfaction and peace with yourself.

Comment below your goals and what steps you have listed to accomplish them. Feel free to share your past experiences and your new beginnings for 2019.

Transform in 2019

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