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We  feel pressurized by our tough life. In our opinion, the life we are leading is the toughest of all. Others may have some difficulties and obstacles in their way but they have so many opportunities and chances to overcome them that the obstacles doesn’t matter to them. It’s just us who are bound.

Our life is so tough…


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If you’re a mother you have a tough life in your opinion. You have to up before everyone else, you have to cook, clean, maintain, organize and run your whole household. Then you have family and community obligations. Your life is so tough that you just can’t give time to nurture your loving relationships and yourself. You’re leading a very hard life.

If you’re a student. You have your whole future ahead. You get so worried about it. You have your part time job with the worst boss anyone can imagine. You have your grades, professors and blending in with friends to worry you besides your finances and relations and what not. You just don’t have what everyone has and you’re living the toughest life.

We all have this thing that make us feel like we are living the hardest and toughest of life at any little or major sign of hardship. At such times we forget that we are very lucky and fortunate than many unfortunate people who truly have tough lives. Who have no hope left. There are many people who know they have no cure for their illness and they’ll die soon but they have to suffer the pain and live.

There are people who have no idea when they’ll have their next meal. And to them meal may mean only one bite of a very stale bread.

There are people who have no place to call home. No shelter to protect them. Who are out there in the rain and storms. In the blazing heat when we are cooling ourselves with air conditioners or fans or cool water.

There are people who have to walk miles to get water. And the water they get is not pure, is full of impurities.

There are people who get separated from their families due to wars or catastrophes and now have no one to look after them.

There are people who are leading much much more tougher lives than we can imagine.

Just pause and think that your seemingly tough life is nothing as compared to them. Thanks Allah for blessing you in so many ways. Say a small prayer for them and remember that hardships are a part of life. You have so many things to cherish in your life. Savor those moments.

Don’t make yourself rough by thinking you have tough life. Be grateful for your blessings. Happy Day.

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