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How To Plan For Grocery Shopping

plan for grocery shopping

Shopping for groceries is an integral part of running and managing a household. Some people love to shop and would be happy to spend hours in the mall. Others would prefer a quick dash and get the task of grocery shopping off of their shoulders.

No matter which category you belong to; it’s always a better idea to plan for your grocery shopping.


plan for grocery shopping


  • Saves you money
  • Avoid multiple trips to store in case you forget something
  • Avoid multiple purchases of single item
  • Make it easier for you to spend your hard earned money wisely


Grocery shopping could take a toll on your budget or you may find you forgot something very essential and bought something else.

To avoid such setbacks and enjoy a hassle free shopping experience it’s always best to shop with a list.


Make a grand list once and each month you can make a shorter list out of the grand list of the items you need to purchase.

Or you could get your grand list plastic coated and highlight the items you need, adding required quantity on the grand list and take this list with you for grocery shopping.

Either way, I have found having a grand grocery list handy.

I have one grand list of all the masalas (spices) that are required for cooking and one for all the other grocery items.


Each month I take inventory of the items that I have left over from previous grocery shopping and make my menus accordingly so that the items on hand don’t get expired or go bad before they could be used.

It helps me keep my budget in control and avoiding multiple purchases of the same thing. A plus point is clean and organized pantry & refrigerator at all times.

After planning my menus I would write the grocery list of food items that I need and that are not available at home.

Next I would add in items that we need to purchase, from the grand grocery list to my shorter list. While doing so I make sure to add items as per categories.

Another tip is to arrange your grocery list as your store is planned out. So you could save time and energy running back and forth from an aisle because your item in the list came later at a time.

For your ease I am copying down my grocery and spices lists. You can even download the lists from the resources section and print out for yourself.



  • Plan Your Budget

Keep your budget in mind and plan accordingly. Add up the estimated prices of the products in your list and make sure that the total is within your budget.

  • Take Inventory Of Your Pantry

Before you go grocery shopping, take inventory of your pantry and cut out the items from your list that you already have. This will help you in saving money & utilizing all that you previously bought.

  • Clean Out Your Refrigerator

Clean out your refrigerator so you can use up all the leftovers and have an idea about which produce to buy and what you already have at hand. Cleaning your refrigerator will also come in handy when you get back home with the groceries. If your refrigerator is clean you could easily put your shopping in the fridge.

  • Plan Your Menus

Always plan your menus in advance and try to utilize each and everything that you already have at home. This will help you in utilizing all that you previously bought. Also it will be a big help when you enter kitchen each day to get food ready. No more daily struggle of thinking what to cook.


  • Avoid buying in bulk if you can’t use it all up.
  • Look for promotions but never, ever pick about just anything or everything because it was on promotion.
  • Stick to your list. This is most important.

Enjoy your shopping experience with the list. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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