“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

Whether or not you want to win a man’s heart, cooking is an essential skill to survive in our day to day life. When you know how to cook and cook by yourself then it keeps your pocket full of hard earned money and your tummy happy. Consuming fast food on a daily basis leads to a myriad of health problems and leaves you with little to no money to spend on your dream purchases.

So whether you live alone, with a spouse, with in laws or are unmarried, learning to cook always comes in handy.

Cooking is not easy; except for those who are born chefs. Cooking requires patience, trial and error. So be ready for some experiments and heart breaking disasters on the way.

From Where You Can Learn To Cook

  • YouTube channels

YouTube is the visual search engine. Stuck at some point and want to DIY, search on YouTube. Want to learn how to do something and see each step of the process? Go find it on YouTube. Similarly for learning to cook, search YouTube. There are multiple channels you can subscribe to which have tons of videos teaching basics of culinary skills from cutting to cooking to presenting.

You can search for a recipe and try it.

dicing potatoes

YouTube came as a big friend in my life. I was zero in kitchen. I could only get a basic breakfast and snack items on the table. Add to the list frying and preparing tea.

The first clueless cooking part came when I waned to make some french fries for myself. I knew how to fry French fries and  I have seen my mom cut the potatoes in thin strips for fries but the question was how to actually cut them like that and that too equally? I had no idea. Rescued by YouTube tutorials.

  • Cooking Books

The good old (even new ones) cook books are the most trusted sources of recipes. Search the market and flip through some cookbooks to find the ones you can trust on. I usually prefer Dalda magazine for recipes. Currently my favorites to die for are KCH books (all volumes and the group).

slicing tomatoes

  • Cooking Classes

Join cooking classes to get first hand knowledge of cooking experts. There are institutes that offer cooking classes for a month or two in which they teach you all the cooking skills. And there are 1-2 day cooking classes as well so if you’re short on time you can benefit form these.

P.S . They drop a lot of hints and advises during the class so stay attentive with both ears and eyes!!

  • Online Cooking Classes

If you cant go outside or have a busy schedule then join an online class for cooking. You can learn at your own pace and in your pj’s!

groceries for cooking

  • Cooking Shows/ Cooking Channels

You love watching TV shows? Do you? Then why not watch cooking shows and learn something instead of watching those mindless morning shows? You can exercise or do some chores during the ads break or you can record the show and watch without ads!

  • DIYs & Exploration

Cooking is another name for experimenting. Once you feel confident enough with spices you can try different versions and fusion of dishes or create your own recipes.

Presentation Matters

Learn some food art to improve presentation.

Anything that looks good to eyes is good to eat.

creative food presentation

Learn food art and some basic food carving. The basic techniques don’t even require all those exotic and expensive carving tools . You can do basic presentation with a knife, a peeler and fork coupled with your creativity. So do learn to present so it pleases the eyes before pleasing the taste buds!

It’s always a better idea to start cooking from easy recipes and then move on to exotic dishes as you gain experience and master some skills.

Happy cooking!

food presentation

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Jack-o-Pepper Egg Salad Halloween Bento


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