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Dailies To Daisies

Daily ChecklistHousehold chores are a never-ending cycle. They are very confusing. You just washed mountains of clothes one day and as the day ends there are again some more and if you don’t tackle them you have another mountain and no clean clothes. But the way out is not dreading them. Instead do them in a systematic manner and enjoy doing them. In this way the chores will get done and you’ll have fun.

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There are some tasks that you can put on wait for some time (laundry, dishes) and some that need to be done once in a blue moon. But what about the chores that you have to do daily? How do you know what chores need to be completed daily in order to have an organized and clean home? How can you do them without feeling the drudgery of housework?

There is a way to get housework done and have fun. Today I’ll brief you about the dailies that you need to do (you can alter depending upon your house) and how to get them done in a breeze.

Dailies You Need To Do:

  • Make bed.
  • Put away clothes.
  • Straighten bedroom.
  • Tackle Washroom.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • Dishes.
  • Cleaning kitchen.
  • Cleaning and straightening other rooms.
  • Dusting and vacuuming living areas.
  • Laundry.

Now these chores may (or may not) look huge to you. You can break them up into small parts by listing all the rooms in your home that need to be tackled daily and then listing the daily tasks of that room under its heading.

An example is below:


  • Put away clothes, shoes, books.
  • Make bed.

Kids Room:(you can make your kids responsible for this)

  • Put away clothes, shoes, books, toys, etc.
  • Make bed.


  • Clean counters.
  • Clean stove.
  • Cook.
  • Do dishes after each use.
  • Straighten kitchen right after each meal.

Laundry Room:

  • Sort clothes.
  • Wash clothes.
  • Dry them.
  • Fold/ Iron
  • Put them away.

Make a spot for dirty-laundry and have everyone in your household bring their laundry basket at that place daily.


  • Wash toilet.
  • Wipe counters.
  • Wipe shower area.
  • Scrub wash basin.
  • Quickly mop the floor.

Living Room:

  • Straighten cushions, magazines, remote, etc.
  • Take a basket and put the out-of-place items in it. The items that someone has left in the living room. Ask them to search their contents from the basket and put them away in their place or you’ll take the item and won’t give them. Set a time limit (like a day or two) after which you’ll sort through the basket. You are Not allowed to keep everyone else’s things back at their proper place. (unless they are too young or too old to do so by themselves)

How do we really do these in one single day and have fun? You may be thinking. I’ll give you a more easier break-up that will get things done quickly giving you more time for detailed jobs and your hobbies.

Easier Break Down:

Here’s a sample break up that I usually apply:

  • Wake up and the moment your feet hit the floor make your bed.
  • You have taken care of one chore in 2 minutes!
  • You go to washroom, to get yourself ready for the day? Scrub the shower area, while you’re in there. Quickly wash the sink and wipe the counters. Swish around the toilet bowl and mop the floor as you get dressed.
  • While leaving your room take your laundry out and straighten your room as fast as you can.
  • You’re done with 2 rooms in the same amount of time (or maybe 10-15 minutes more) that you take to get ready.
  • Start the breakfast. Dust your kitchen while breakfast is getting ready. You can even start a load of laundry. It’ll wash while you have your breakfast.
  • Clear up the dishes. Start  your lunch/dinner preparations while dealing with the laundry.
  • Let the laundry air dry. Complete your lunch/dinner preparation. Clean your kitchen afterwards. Wipe the counters, stove and wash the dishes.
  • Now quickly straighten your living room, while putting the laundry away. And vacuüm, dust or mop the rooms.
  • Take care of any other details that you have planned for.

Planning and managing the tasks in a way that you use the time which you otherwise have spent waiting with your smartphone in hand and getting distracted, can lead you to quickly conquering the home care chores and leaving you ample time to enjoy your day. By consolidating laundry, breakfast, and lunch/dinner preps you save time as you can take care of cutting, chopping while the laundry is in washer. Think how you can combine tasks to save you time and stop yourself from running around in circles.

Any feedback is always welcome.

For a printable checklist of dailies, click Daily Checklist

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