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    Resolutions, Habits Or Goals?

    At this time of the year most of the people start planning for a new beginning as the new year rolls around. But many people find  themselves confused, whether it is right to plan for resolutions, goals or habits. It’s a new phenomenon. New schools of thought have emerged in which some are for or against one particular word. But for a common person like me, these descriptions proved to be quite confusing. And my sidetracked nature will lose myself in going for the perfect thing and to know the right thing I must know whether the resolution is good or habit or is it goals? I searched the definitions…

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    Two Blessed Offline Days

    A post from my previous blog or you can say a page from my diary emphasizing the importance of going offline for a while. With the end of year so near I was in a hushed up and totally rushed state of mind. I had my final project’s presentation on 30-12-2013, and I had tons of other things to accomplish. I had to reply to certain people, had a long list of emails that needed to be checked, a post or two to be posted on the blog, some other projects that I had to do and the tutorials that I had bookmarked to watch. A long and crammed up…

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    Is Your Life Tough?

    We  feel pressurized by our tough life. In our opinion, the life we are leading is the toughest of all. Others may have some difficulties and obstacles in their way but they have so many opportunities and chances to overcome them that the obstacles doesn’t matter to them. It’s just us who are bound. Our life is so tough…     If you’re a mother you have a tough life in your opinion. You have to up before everyone else, you have to cook, clean, maintain, organize and run your whole household. Then you have family and community obligations. Your life is so tough that you just can’t give time…

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    Abstract Or Concrete… What You Really Need?

    The title of this post seems to be a bit of a query in itself. What do I really mean by abstract or concrete neediness? Before I make myself clear on that let’s just quickly review what concrete and abstract are. When doing nouns in schools we learned various types of them, including abstract and concrete. The simplest way to understand them is that concrete means the things that have an existence, which can be touched like a mug, credit card, money, furniture, etc. Whereas abstract is just the opposite. It involves relation with ideas, feeling and thoughts like love, kindness, sympathy, etc. Now lets move on to your thoughts……

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    Are You A Social Media Addict?

    The world is all raging over social media and socialising. You have instant access to friends and relatives from all over the world. You have Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, LinkedIn and what not for sharing and updating the world with what’s on your mind., commenting on others thoughts, in short keeping up with the world…instantly and for each instant. But aren’t we getting addicted to virtual socialising? How many of you have really struck a conversation with the person sitting besides you (in the real world not the virtual one)? How long it has been for you to perform a prayer as the last task of the day instead of…

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    Being Together But Alone

    Hmm.. You’re married. Or maybe not. You have a family. You have siblings. You have parents. But don’t you feel alone at times? Even with all these lovely people around? You feel tired even when you’re well rested? Your vacations don’t seem like vacations anymore? Your mind is surrounded by barriers, struck in invisible chains. Why ? Have you ever thought? Do you feel like it? At times, I do feel like it and I have pondered over the reason. And you know what? I have found the answer. The global village has made us so near and dear to people far far away but it has taken us apart…

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    Disconnect To Connect

    Have you ever felt too connected? Can you imagine life without Internet and cell phones? That seems totally bored and outclass to some of us out there. We all are now a global community and always connected. But this too much connectedness with the outside world has resulted in us getting far away from our souls and people with whom we share the living with. Too much connectivity leaves us unconnected with ourselves and at times we feel a lot pressurized by the amount of things we have got to do. There are emails to reply to constantly popping into the inbox, messages that must be replied to, requests that…

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    Do You Really Breathe?

    You might think I have gone insane, asking you such a stupid question. But really with all those things racing through your mind, the do-s and the don’ts.. Have you really ever breathed in resilience? Have you given yourself time to breathe in peace? To relieve your tension and all that stress? Have you taken into consideration the breaths that you do take? The answer might be a big NO .. So NOW give yourself some time to just relax and breathe in peace. It can help you in many ways. I can hear some of you thinking ‘But what about the endless tasks that I have up my sleeves..?’…