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    Breakfast That Will Keep You Active The Entire Day

    We all have heard the importance of breakfast for our mind, body and soul. We all know that it must be nutritionist enough to give your body the energy that it needs to work throughout the day. After experiencing with different breakfasts i.e. the foods that must be eaten blah blah; I have found the 3 foods that keeps one energetic and full throughout the morning till noon at the least. And the three breakfast items to have in your breakfast are: Boiled Eggs Do have an egg boiled as your breakfast item. You can have two as well. Boil it hard or half-done, as you like. Milk A glass…

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    All The Tips You Need To Know To Start A Healthy Lifestyle

    Starting a healthy lifestyle is a life long commitment. If you want to be in a good state of health once grown old, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. When you have a healthy mind, body and soul; growing old can become an enjoyable phase. Just imagine how it would feel like moving with grace with a healthy body and doing all the activities you love to do and eat all the foods you love to eat without worrying about your cholesterol and sugar levels and without a single thought about your immobile knees or weak back. A healthy lifestyle leaves you fit, energetic and at reduced risk of…

  • Tips to help you start exercising
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    Tips To Help You Start Exercising

    Engaging in physical activity to sustain or improve health and fitness is termed as exercise. We ladies tend to gain weight as much as we get busy and our schedules fill up. The more commitments we have, the more larger the arc on weighing scale grows. Besides many other reasons, number one reason for this incredible weight gain is that we tend to stop caring for ourselves. We tend to neglect ourselves and are usually listed at the end of our priority list. And if we ever get to the point of time carved for self care, we either are too exhausted to focus on something that requires energy or…

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    Workouts I Am Not Really Working Out

    They say that to lose weight you have to control your diet and workout. Exercise and working out gives you a healthy mind-set, toned body, beautiful glow, reverses aging, improves and strengthens memory, etc etc. In my quest to workout to lose weight I started watching these workouts. I did followed these once, twice or thrice but ended up flopping on the floor before building my stamina or getting a toned body back. But I love, love these workouts as they are easy to do (much more easy to watch) and do help if you follow them for at least a week. In my case I ended up watching these…

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    Do You Really Breathe?

    You might think I have gone insane, asking you such a stupid question. But really with all those things racing through your mind, the do-s and the don’ts.. Have you really ever breathed in resilience? Have you given yourself time to breathe in peace? To relieve your tension and all that stress? Have you taken into consideration the breaths that you do take? The answer might be a big NO .. So NOW give yourself some time to just relax and breathe in peace. It can help you in many ways. I can hear some of you thinking ‘But what about the endless tasks that I have up my sleeves..?’…