• plan for grocery shopping
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    How To Plan For Grocery Shopping

    Shopping for groceries is an integral part of running and managing a household. Some people love to shop and would be happy to spend hours in the mall. Others would prefer a quick dash and get the task of grocery shopping off of their shoulders. No matter which category you belong to; it’s always a better idea to plan for your grocery shopping. Why? BENEFITS OF PLANNING FOR GROCERIES: Saves you money Avoid multiple trips to store in case you forget something Avoid multiple purchases of single item Make it easier for you to spend your hard earned money wisely HOW I PLAN FOR GROCERIES? Grocery shopping could take a…

  • Complete guide to meal planning
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    Complete Guide To Meal Planning

    “What to cook for dinner?” “What have you made for dinner today?” “What’s for lunch?” These are some of the dreaded questions that we ladies face daily. As some one once said: “It’s easier to cook than to think of what to cook.” Life is so busy that we often skip multitude of tasks and just focus on the necessities. Many of us are just barely keeping our heads above the water while others are managing it all perfectly. No matter in which category you fall, what to cook for dinner/ lunch each day often comes as the most haunted thought of the day. You get exhausted at times thinking…

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    Complete Back To School Guide

    Whoa.. Vacations over!! It’s time for back to school. No matter whether your vacations were spent the way you planned or not, you enjoyed a lot or got bored a lot, whether vacations were well spent learning and socialising or not, the hard truth is that they are over.(or nearly so); and it’s time to head back to school. The beginning of new school year (as most of the schools start new session after vacations) brings with it the clean and crisp books, uniforms, stationary and the new water bottle, lunch bag and a whole new year where you can start from scratch and excel in your studies. To help…