• Tips to make Taraweeh easier

    Tips To Make Taraweeh Easier

    Taraweeh prayers are specific to Ramadan. They are offered after I’sha and before witr prayers. Taraweeh is started after moon is sighted for Ramadan and is offered each day until moon is sighted for Eid ul Fitr. Qayam ul lail/ Taraweeh is often referred to as the “night prayer”. Muslims around the world often face times when Taraweeh feels like a chore due to longer duration and time. Since, the routine also changes in Ramadan, lack of sleep and other factors may make Taraweeh difficult. Here are some tips that will make Taraweeh easier and enjoyable for you. Know Its Importance Once the importance of a thing is fully revealed…

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    Ramadan Guide For Your Best Ramadan Ever

    The most blessed month of Ramadan for Muslims is just days away. Each one of us wants to spend Ramadan in as much a productive way as possible. We want to be great with Ibadah as well as in our daily lives. But how can one get ready to have the best Ramadan ever? Read on to know… Get Excited For Ramadan Get excited for Ramadan. Involve your family. Make it a family ritual to wait eagerly for Ramadan and get ready for it. Wait for it like some special guest. Cultivate enthusiasm to welcome this month. Do countdowns to build excitement. Remember to recite the dua: اللّھم بارک لنا…