Shopping for back to school supplies is a hassle. There are so many things that need to be shopped for and you have to keep the quality and budget in mind.


At times you but a thing too many and other essentials get left. For this problem, its always a good idea to keep a complete list of essentials prepared and check off the items as you purchase them.

If you have to shop for more than one kid then you can jot the number of items to be purchased in front of the particular item and cut them as you fill up your shopping cart with the required number.

Since it is a tough and busier time of the year, getting back to the schedules, new routines, new school in some cases, lunch and other essentials to be taken care of, I have created a list of essential back to school supplies. You can download it and use it on your trip to shopping for school supplies.

I have added an “Others” section where you can list out the items that I might have left and your children require in their school.

As no two kids have the same requirements but most of the things are common so you’ll find nearly all the essential supplies required by kids of all grades listed out in my list.

Here’s the downloadable PDF File.

Back To School Supplies List

Any additions that you want to add are welcome. Comment your suggestions below for others.Where do you go for back to school shopping? What is your preferred place to shop for school supplies? Let us know in the comments below.



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