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The title of this post seems to be a bit of a query in itself. What do I really mean by abstract or concrete neediness? Before I make myself clear on that let’s just quickly review what concrete and abstract are.

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When doing nouns in schools we learned various types of them, including abstract and concrete. The simplest way to understand them is that concrete means the things that have an existence, which can be touched like a mug, credit card, money, furniture, etc. Whereas abstract is just the opposite. It involves relation with ideas, feeling and thoughts like love, kindness, sympathy, etc.

Now lets move on to your thoughts… What do you really want? You might want to have more money in your wallet and account, or perhaps that exquisite piece of jewellery, or that antique vase that is going to make your room look complete. But what happens when you get it. You have some new and more wants related to all things concrete. You might say that once you’ve made a purchase that you wanted you feel satisfied or happy, but question yourself for how long does it last. Rarely for a very short period till you get your mind focused on another want. And the chain continues.

But what happens when you are on the lookout for everything abstract, or lets say not all the time but most of the time? when you are in the lookout for happiness you spread happiness, you bring a smile to people’s face, lighten up someone’s heavy heart and you know what? Once you do this, you feel immense satisfaction that lasts forever and more great news.. It’s a great MOTIVATOR for us in  times when we are feeling down. And who doesn’t want motivation?

This was one thing abstract, there are many more abstracts that we really need in our lives. Take a few seconds to think about all the abstracts that really are lacking in your life and ways you can achieve them plus the reasons why they aren’t already in your life. Is it because you are too much focused on acquiring the concretes?

Some abstracts you want to add to your life, that you really need:

  • love
  • sympathy
  • kindness
  • satisfaction
  • peace
  • clarity

And some abstracts that you really want to avoid (by the way they are by-products of wanting concretes):

  • jealousy
  • anger
  • war
  • hatred

So what we conclude is that we really don’t NEED concretes, that is the new model of the cell phone, that really awesome car, that one more piece of jewellery, but you really need more positive abstracts in your life to enjoy the beauty of life because life is beautiful. 🙂

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