“It’s much easier to get a reception from someone if there is an introduction versus randomly trying to get in front of people.”  Brad Feld

Getting to know someone is always the first step in long-term and lasting relations. Without knowing people there’s a wide chance of misjudgment and false theories. So it’s always a better idea to know others and let them know about you.

Since Home & Work Life is a virtual community, it’s always a good idea to know the members of a community.

I relaunched my blog with a brand new name i.e Home & Work Life in August 2017. Previously I started blogging and was on & off with my blogging. That was the time when I was doing my diploma course from APTECH Pakistan.

I started as an amateur not knowing a thing about blogging. I would try, then stop. It was an on and off journey with other things occupying major chunk of my time. Blogging was not a priority. It was just thing that I would do. More like writing in a forgotten diary, where I would list my thoughts and then leave the diary to collect dust. Come back, blew the dust off, writing some more and then forgetting the diary in the daily hustle.

I got serious about blogging once I completed my studies (yeahhh… !!), the formal studies i.e. I believe in life-long learning. So I re-launched my blog with a very different (ad huge) plan and a subscription gift as well! I prepared the Life Organizer as a subscription gift for the people who decide to be a part of this virtual community.

Home & Work Life is more of a virtual community rather than another blog in the rapidly increasing blog-o-sphere. You will find major & minor changes and updates in the website as time progresses. (I told you I have big plans 😉 )

Here you’ll find tips & tricks to tackle your home and work life, recipes to make your life a bit easier and my musings, rumblings and thoughts.

I am a stay at home lady, married, living in a joint family and focusing on my career and family. I did my diploma from APTECH in software development. I work as a website developer and social media marketer. I keep on learning and expanding my knowledge and love to teach whatever and as much as I know about a topic.

I have other plans in progress that I will be sharing with the members of the ever growing Home And Work Life community.

So stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog (and receive a FREE Life Organizer for yourself!).

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