About Me – 10 Weird/ Fun Facts

10 fun facts about me

Hullo everyone.

Since I just recently did an “about me” on my Instagram (@home_n_work_life), I thought of doing another about me with a twist on the blog here.

To see a real simple (and normal) about me, please visit the blog and check the highlight titled “About Me”.

And for some weird/ fun facts about me, read on..

Oh yes, don’t forget to share some fun/ weird facts about you!

So here we go…

  1. I get feelings of people’s moods and their thoughts and all.
  2. I can smell a piece of cloth and tel who it belongs to. ()No, I don’t smell sweaty clothes!)
  3. I am veryyyy big on birthday wishes. I even keep track of who wished me and who doesn’t. And those who doesn’t don’t get wished by me on their next birthday! Except for a special few
  4. I drank “dhabey ki chai” for the first time ever after my marriage and now I am hooked on to it.. Pathan ki chai, anyone?
  5. French fries are my addiction. I can have fries all day and night and yes I have now all the weight of potatoes I consumed in my lifetime!
  6. I never ever have added sugar to my tea/ milk. Like from bachpan I didn’t like the taste of added sugar. See, born the nutritionist, lol.
  7. I can’t walk barefoot on grass; wet or not. Even with sneakers I feel uncomfortable on grass. It chubofies my feet.
  8. I can watch horror movies for any length of time but with my eyes closed. And then even I’ll wake everyone up to go to washroom or get a glass of water. So brave of me!
  9. I have zero memory when it comes to remembering addresses. In fact, if I go through a route during daytime I can only recognize it during the day and vice versa. Take me there at any other time and I and total blank!
  10. Oh and yes, my super power is sleeping. I have a record of sleeping for 18 hours straight, waking up for having chai and then falling asleep again!

Can you relate to any of these? Do let me know! And don’t forget to share about yours. I am waiting!

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